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It's almost like an award's ceremony.. [Mar. 27th, 2004|12:31 pm]


Welcome ashes_of_heaven, kamineko bites, and future member people! Oh yeah so you know there are rules to this community
1. No bitching
2. No fighting
3. No hits below the belt.. I mean uh.. no posting about meaningless stuff like which president's choked on what snack food
4. If you want to make a suggestion or request or anything like that, send it to me personally dont go wasting space with whiny posts
5. I dont care if you curse. Curse your bloody mouth off, just dont go throwing them at community members
6. Have fun or something like it

That's about it, think you can manage? good. One last thing, dont take anything I say too seriously. That's it, got any questions just tell me, tata!